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Can't save files as PDFs in Photoshop?

Have you seen commercials where people smash their computer to bits? I had a couple of days of feeling like that! I couldn't figure out what had happened. I had been saving files as PDFs in Photoshop for years, all of a sudden, it's not an option any more! WTF! I uninstalled the program, reinstalled it, read everything I could find on Google to fix it, but nothing worked. Finally, my brilliant son told me I should contact support at Adobe. (But you know you have to do it the hard way first, right?) They were very helpful and told me what was going on right away. Anyway... turns out to be a ver…

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Advertise With Us! We're serious about your business.

Think of Michiana Design Group as your marketing Department. Our mission is to help you achieve your vision as a business owner. We’re here to support your success and your business matters to us.

If you’re ready to work with an outstanding team of professionals and you have an area of business that you would like to see grow, give us a call at 269-414-0204.

As community members in the Michiana
Area also, we love meeting new people and making new friends, so we look forward to hearing from you.

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Which way: Mission or Vision?

A company's mission and vision statements are a great point of reference when choosing which direction to go. A determining factor to success in business is the ability to utilize skills for the greater development of the community, and to make a significant positive impact. Service is implicitly foundational. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and the same goes for business expansion.


If rule #1 in business is survival, you had better have a strong team with superior skills to back you up.  Sometimes, the best way to protect your resources is…

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A little kindness.

I was at the store last night, waiting in the check-out lane feeling a little annoyed that they only had about 5 lanes open. My son asked me for the keys so he could go sit in the car and wait for me there. As he was walking away, a woman and her son came toward us, she said something to my son, and he pointed at me. The woman was in one of those electric carts people ride in for assistance. She was frantic. She said, “Please let me go ahead of you in line... I have to get to the airport. My sister is coming in on a flight, and I haven’t seen her in a very long time.” I thought, oh well, i…

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Scammer Alert - Designers Beware

Designers, web developers, creatives beware, there is a scammer trying to take advantage of us. If that nagging voice in the back of your head starts talking about "this is just too good to be true" listen to your gut! Check out this link: This has been going on for years now. I had no idea that Scammers were going to such lengths! This guy was "talking the talk"... "bells" did go off early, but it could have been a real project enquiry, with so much business being done over the internet because of COVID, I gave him the benefit of t…

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