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Which way: Mission or Vision?

A company's mission and vision statements are a great point of reference when choosing which direction to go. A determining factor to success in business is the ability to utilize skills for the greater development of the community, and to make a significant positive impact. Service is implicitly foundational. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and the same goes for business expansion.


If rule #1 in business is survival, you had better have a strong team with superior skills to back you up.  Sometimes, the best way to protect your resources is to form an alliance with other B2B or B2C companies. As a Graphic Design Agency, we have formed alliances with printers for instance. Both businesses benefit from the exchange, We bring orders to the printer, the printer utilizes our services and gives referrals to us in return.





The goal is to adopt business expansion as a mindset; one such method of doing so is thinking big, and then taking a systems perspective to work with bite size components to achieve ones goal. (Systems approach: a perspective involving a focus on the whole picture and not just a single element, awareness of the wider context, an appreciation for interactions among different parts, and thinking unconventionally (Leischow and Milstein, 2006 - edited).)

An organization scales only with its people. The power of an organization can be amplified by hiring more and more specialized agents who support the development of the company by taking strategic action and delegating responsibilities.


We believe the Golden Rule philosophy must be a foundational part to every business mission statement. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. This is our core philosophy, and is the corner stone of our business. We pledge our absolute best leadership to our workforce, because when employees feel valued and appreciated, the company grows.

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