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A little kindness.

I was at the store last night, waiting in the check-out lane feeling a little annoyed that they only had about 5 lanes open. My son asked me for the keys so he could go sit in the car and wait for me there. As he was walking away, a woman and her son came toward us, she said something to my son, and he pointed at me. The woman was in one of those electric carts people ride in for assistance. She was frantic. She said, “Please let me go ahead of you in line... I have to get to the airport. My sister is coming in on a flight, and I haven’t seen her in a very long time.” I thought, oh well, it is the holiday season, I will be nice and let her go ahead of me. Her cart was full of items, and it seemed to take forever for them to get done. The woman was so excited with the anticipation of her meeting with her sister. As she was getting near the end of her items, she told her son to grab a gift certificate from the rack next to me. Oh well, what was one more item, I thought to myself! To my surprise, after the woman had paid for her order, the cashier handed me the gift certificate for $25 and said the woman bought it for me! I tired to give it back to the lady, but she insisted that I take it. I said “You didn’t have to do that” … Then the cashier handed me a poinsettia and told me to hand it to the woman behind me in line, and tell her if was from the lady who we let go ahead of us, to thank her for letting her do so. I heard the woman in the cart say “Merry Christmas” … The woman behind me said, “I have cats at home, the plant is poisonous to cats, that’s very nice of her, but I cannot accept it, you keep it.” When I turned around, the woman in the cart was gone! I wanted to say “Thanks you” again, but she was gone. I guess the moral of the story for me is that when you show a little kindness, you get so much more than you give. Merry Christmas!

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