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Keeping your sense of Humor


I was reading an article at today, “8 Highly Effective Business Success Tips for Entrepreneurs” ( and one of those tips was to “Keep your sense of humor.” Laughing keeps the stress level down, strengthens your emotional and mental well-being, keeps people from getting under your skin, and keeps you cool and collected and more fun to be around.

A good belly laugh is so refreshing isn’t it? I love it when something tickles me so much that I just can’t stop laughing. I remember my husband and I laughed so much the first time we watched the movie “A fish called Wanda”… I can’t tell you now what what scenes made me laugh, I would have to watch it again to find out, but I remember laughing so much I was crying. That feeling is the best medicine in the world. Sometimes we get so caught up in the stress of trying to get our business rolling, or keeping it doing so, that we need that comic relief. We need to remember that life isn’t just about making money and working… we need to take a break, and enjoy life. I hope you found or will find some time to do that this weekend… I wonder if I can find “A fish called Wanda” on Netflix or at the movie rental store.

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